For Whom the Bell Tolls

I wrote this some years ago. It was a meditation on a concert that was, for me and my friends, a life-altering event. A day-long adrenaline rush. A law-breaking, property destroying testament to the main act. It altered the face of that venue forever. Concrete and reinforced steel barriers replaced the fences we managed to … More…

The German Method

Germans are a serious lot.  They like their women blonde and their warfare scorching.  They want perfection in everything, and will invent the math to have it when necessary.

I am very serious about my drinking.  I have, over time, worked it down to an art form.  I cannot call it a science because the outcome is never certain.  However, with a lot of practice and a bit of old Kentucky Windage, I can make it look like one.

Drinking is about method.