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Drug Testing For Welfare

I followed this story for a while, but apparently I got distracted right about the time it made real news . . .

Apparently Kentucky and Florida have passed legislation that mandates drug testing for recipients of social services.  I’m actually a few minutes late to the party.  Arizona started drug testing welfare recipients last year.

What Kentucky, Florida and Arizona have done is set a precedent, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  The economy is rocked in the wake of S&P’s decision to slap ‘Merica in the mouth and force the government to make something like a serious effort to un-fuck our economy.  We have been spending in the red, and almost no sitting legislator has the balls to drastically cut spending, for fear they will upset their electorate and legislate themselves out of a job.

Nothing would do that faster than cutting the amount of money being spent onEntitlements.

When the subject of spending cuts comes up, inevitably people bring up The War and military spending.  The talk turns into a socio-political argument about agendas and nothing is solved.

This war is costly!  We shouldn’t even be there!

If you look to the left, you will notice that the defense budget makes up approximately 1/5th of our total spending.  If we cut it in half, we would make a small dent in the deficit, but we would also cripple an already damaged, overburdened military.

Meanwhile, recipients of social servies would continue to receive money from the public coffers while providing virtually no services what-so-ever.  Of those receiving social services, some are capable of working, but are not eligible.

They are not eligible because many employers test for recreational drug use.

It didn’t take long for the apologists to come out of the woodwork.  I won’t bother linking to any specific site; do a Google Search using the words “drug testing”, “welfare” and “racist” together and you can find plenty of them.  There is also the issue of money; is it really fiscally feasible to drug test everyone?

Let me deal with these issues separately:

1 – Money: “Each drug test costs around $60.  Testing millions of welfare recipients would be expensive.  Therefore we shouldn’t do it.”

It’s a valid discussion point.  However, how much does the welfare recipient get every month/year?  If failing a drug test knocks them off the welfare roll, how much do we save?  Further more, how were they paying for their drugs?  That shit ain’t free.  Is anyone here aware of a program to pay for cigarettes or booze for the workin’ folk?

2 – It’s Racist!:  How is it racist to mandate drug testing for welfare recipients?  The only group I see being singled out is “welfare recipients”.  By mandating that they take a drug test, as they would have to do for any employer to ensure their eligibility for work, you are asking them a) be eligible for work and b) not to do illegal drugs.

I can’t see how that policy is racist . . .

Oh, unless of course you mean to imply that most of the people who would be effected by this legislation are a) racial minorities and b) do drugs.  If this is true, why are the majority of the people receiving welfare a) racial minorities and b) on drugs?

Clearly something is amiss here.  If the system as it exists has allowed for such a state of affairs to exist, then the system is flawed and needs to be overhauled, if not replaced.  Unless, of course, you happen to think that racial minorities are collectively incapable of getting by without government assistance.

In which case, you’re a fucking racist.